Sunday, August 28, 2011


I've been busy all week! Had a meeting with the mayor of San Bernardino regarding my non-fiction book, Empire of the Wheel; had some pre-production admin on the documentary I'm directing next month; plus a lot of publishing biz. But I'm back with a posting about the Secret of the Amazon Queen movie!

The linked video is simply a roll of the opening sequence of the film on storyboards. It shows how the characters end up lost in the Amazon jungle. The music that is on the video is not what will be used in the film. Also, about half the images do not have the admin data added yet. I wanted to get this posted quickly for you all to see.

My storyboard artist is Yanis Zambeis of Rancho Mirage, California. I spent the day with him and his girlfriend, Tammy Cardona, who will be a make-up artist on the film. Once we finish the storyboard process, Yanis will pick up a camera and capture video throughout production for the 'making of' special feature that will be included in the DVD/BluRay(whatever the format is next year...).

If you don't understand what storyboards are and do, please ask. The art is not supposed to be anything spectacular. It merely serves a function...

So...Click Here!

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Joachim Reinhold said...

I am actually very curious about what happened to all your cool plans with regard to Amazon Queen. Best from Germany, Achim. Yes, the one and only. :)