Thursday, November 10, 2011

Travel Vids

Hey adventurers,

Lately I've been Netflixing travel vids and the most recent was another in the Rudy Maxa series. I recommend this series, if you haven't seen it. Rudy makes a good presentation and, like Rick Steves (a favorite of mine), Rudy knows how to ferret out those interesting facets of a destination that can make the experience.

Last night I watched the Argentina episode, specifically Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Argentina is one of the countries of South America I have not been to yet and I'm anxious to go. Even more so now. Associates of mine who have worked in B.A. have nothing but good memories.

Since I love Malbec wines, Mendoza is a must-see for me now.

Being a big fan of South America, I recommend you check out Rudy Maxa's Argentina episode, but also his entire series...

(I'll be back with a longer post on something before the weekend, but I'm speaking at a conference this Saturday and am preparing my presentation...)

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