Friday, December 2, 2011

Explorer of the Month

It's fitting that we kick off our new monthly honor this December with that icon of the Christmas season:

Yukon Cornelius

What adventure fan does not look forward to the annual viewing of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, especially the middle act which is nothing less than a classic expeditionary quest? It has always been my favorite holiday season special for this very fact. Rudolph and Hermy have given up on their lives in the North Pole and set out for horizons even farther. The imagery is evocative of every polar fantasy adventure you can imagine and would not be complete without our red-bearded hero. When the reindeer and elf meet up with Cornelius, the story officially becomes an adventure tale, as far as I'm concerned.

Complete with arctic gear, including pistol and axe and a dog sled, Yukon Cornelius is the quintessential adventurer and guide. It's like he stepped out of a Jack London novel. And just when milquetoast viewers think he's nothing but a "silver 'n gold" hound, Yukon Cornelius shows his intrepid courage and takes on the Abominable (Snow Creature) in defense of his friends. Naturally, being a man of practical knowledge and self-confidence, Yukon Cornelius literally bounces back, ultimately displaying his command over nature through understanding of the creature and providing it a place in polite society with a productive function (as opposed to mere existential namby-pambyism).

So, this month, we salute Yukon Cornelius!


Anonymous said...

we missed rudolf this year because a rare heavy wet snow knocked out satellite all over our town. Jack was very disappointed as he had been looking forward to it.

Walter Bosley said...

Get it on DVD! And you never have to miss it again :) I hear they restored the peppermint mine scene, too!