Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where Is Adventure Going? Series

In the coming months, I will post articles and links asking the question Where Is Adventure Going? i.e. what is it's future? Quite frankly, politics and the economy in the US have everyone here a bit obsessed with politics and the economy, and when you throw in the ADHD level of focus, it's no wonder 'reality TV' has taken root. Why should producers put money into writers, sets, costumes and exotic locations when they can just go to the exotic location but shitcan the story and point the camera at the latest 'unique person' doing their 'thing'? Admittedly, I am OK with Josh Gates' Destination Truth, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, the variety of Indiana Jones wannabes on the History Channel or Discovery, etc, and some other archeology or travel shows, because these shows capture certain essences of adventure (For me, travel is associated with adventure). But more people watch bickering housewives and traffic cops and guys who haggle over abandoned storage lockers than those adventure associated shows, alas. This is a reflection of what is happening to pure adventure as entertainment, a sometimes seeming lack of interest in our beloved genre.

So, it's this apparent lack of interest I will be addressing from time to time here at the blog, starting with this article on adventure gaming... Who Killed Adventure Games?

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