Saturday, August 11, 2012

Update On Updates

Hey all!

Yes, I know I've been doing the lazy thing lately, posting YouTube links and occasional promos regarding my movie. But that's because I have indeed been busy working on my movie. However, we finished principal photography last weekend and I am now in post production! I'll be in post for a few weeks because I'm hoping to get the film ready for screening at a festival in September, which I'll announce if I get a slot. As publishing and entertainment in general change with our times, what LCL offers will also evolve -- and films are a major part of the brand's future!

A glimpse at the near future of LCL will reveal the following:  Exciting indie feature films and shorts from the film division Lost Amazon Pictures, a new wave of adventure fiction in the LCL catalog, the return of the magazine in special editions, and merchandise celebrating fan pride. I started LCL ten years ago this October and intend to keep the label alive and exciting many more years into the future.

Here are the products coming from LCL/Lost Amazon Pictures in the next few months:

 -- Hell's Bells, a short horror adventure original silent movie, for DVD release Christmas 2012
 -- A new and original feature length horror film in the tradition of Hammer Horror (title to be announced in a special teaser attached to Hell's Bells), for release to DVD in January 2013
 -- House of KA, a brand new novel from Walter Bosley (me) for Kindle and POD release this autumn
 -- Lost Continent Library Magazine Anniversary Edition, release date TBD

So, even though activity here has seemed minimal, there is much activity going on to make things more exciting around here! Stay tuned!

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