Friday, August 23, 2013

Ben Affleck and Batman


I don't really care enough about who plays Batman in a Superman movie. Ben Affleck has proven himself. What I'd rather see is the next John Carter movie or the 20,000 Leagues remake get back on track. What about a new Sinbad film or even a big screen version of the Allan Quatermain book that followed King Solomon's Mines.

Personally, my only favorite comic book hero was Moon Knight. Other than that, I pretty much grew up reading Sad Sack, Sgt Rock, Weird War Tales, various 70s horror comics and Mad Magazine when it was good (pre-80s). I'd love to see a Moon Knight movie. MK is kind of Batman, a touch of Daredevil, a whole lot of The Shadow.

I predict Ben Affleck will be just fine.

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