Saturday, September 7, 2013

Check Out Stills From My New Film!

As you may or may not know, LCL has a media division which releases films under the Lost Amazon Motion Pictures label. I produce films under my No Budget Cinema production brand and am currently shooting a B horror movie in the truest sense: We're not shooting it A style yet pretending it's B, that is we are actually using a single (cheap) camera process. Our exterior lighting is a reflector and the sun. We're shooting day for night. Our actors are who's willing and available. The whole thing is costing about $400 or so and we're shooting it in about six or seven shooting days. It has been a popular thing for producers of better films to do parodies of B movie grindhouse style pictures without being able to resist a real lighting crew, industry standard cinematography, and actors directed to be acting as actors acting poorly. What results, for me, is a boring exercise in cuteness that is neither entertaining nor reflective of the low end horror movies I grew up with, some of which are gems, many of which are god-awful. That's why I decided to actually replicate the real process as nearly as possible: one open market camera, models as actors, costuming on the fly from discount stores and various closets of family members, a swift shooting schedule and little cash.

What separates our film from the average bad student attempt? Content. I'm a good writer and my films will go places most people trying to be "taken seriously" will not. Since I'm not a fan of gore and other disgusting elements of the current industry 'standard' horror film, I gotta give the audience something. And since I'm not looking to entertain the crowd at the local multiplex, you can bet my film will be early 70s grindhouse meets Ed Wood with a dash of John Waters. We also have original composed music for the film!

Stay tuned for more announcements over the next couple of weeks and in the meantime check out the production stills from the first two shooting days... No Budget Cinema's 'Sloppy Dead Seconds'

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