Friday, February 20, 2009

LCL Feb/March Issue Stuff

I'm looking forward to the upcoming issue as much as you are.

Richard Senate, well known ghost-hunting author, will debut his new classic adventure novel -- and artist Reed Chappell is providing some illustrations for it.

Reed is featured in an interview this issue, as well. He is currently touring some top art shows in the southeast and just commenced a portrait for a movie star. We'll let him talk about that in the interview. I met Reed through Wm Michael Mott while at last year's Comic Con.

I'll be posting some more preview hints before the issue is released. I'm especially looking forward to this month's Grog 'n Brew review, as this coming issue's selection is by a brewery right down the road from me.

I invite everyone/anyone to write to LCL and I'll post it (and answer any questions, if you have any...) in the mag.

More to follow...

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