Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update on Next Issue

Hey all,

I've decided that the next issue will be our first two-month issue. But that doesn't mean we're going bi! Nope, we'll continue to be a monthly after the Feb-March issue.

My new business (I'm a licensed PI and am opening my new firm this month) has kept me busy in the establishment phase. Now that we're this far into February, I've decided to just give myself two more weeks and do a single bi-monthly issue. It's entirely for my convenience.

The Feb-March issue will be released around the beginning of March -- and this will put the release dates back in line with the beginning of each month. I will also have more time to bring some great new authors to you. Several authors have submitted and more have requested guidelines. This excites me because the fiction is very important to me. One of my original goals was to bring new fiction to the reading public.

So look for the Feb/March issue in a couple of weeks. It'll be a collectors edition!

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Tesla'sFavritCoil said...

Dude! I never knew that you were a PI! Gotta admit, that's pretty badass. Alright, I signed up to the blog. I expect big things from LCL. And I see plenty of links, so I'll know where to go to promote Wonder of the Worlds. Btw, I like the logo, but it's just a bit plain. It needs something...not sure what. Whatev. Ttyl! (As soon as I finish Metamorphosis!)
-Your favorite male blonde (lol)