Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hey Movie Fans!

You'll notice the addition of the donate button at the right side of the page. I've added it to help raise more funds for the production of Hell's Bells, the movie currently in production with my company Lost Amazon Motion Pictures. Your donation gets your name in the credits of the film (and maybe possibly a surprise gift once the film is completed...).

Though productions such as Secret of the Amazon Queen are able to rely upon the resources of bigger producers and investors, smaller independent productions like Hell's Bells depend greatly upon what's available at hand. The advantage of that is greater creative control and a film that is produced as much for style and the love of cinematic arts as it is for box office earnings - something audiences don't usually get from big Hollywood fare.

What the donations help with are things like gasoline for getting to locations. Even though we use local places around town, sometimes the story is served by featuring some of the amazing desert or mountain landscapes just an hour away, or even the coastal beach areas a little over an hour away. Donations also help with costumes and makeup. We are frequent shoppers at thrift stores, but sometimes we just have to buy an item new, like a special period hat or costume jewelery. Same for props. Mostly these days, though, it's the price of gas that's a killer on the small indie budget.Many indie producers must rely on donations nowadays. It's a reality of the biz on this level.

So, if you're interested -- and able, of course (Times are hard and don't we all know that!)-- and so inclined, you have the option of playing an active role in independent cinema.


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