Friday, July 22, 2011

Comic Con Brief


We went to see Captain America today and I really like it. Any fan of classic or pulp hero literature and comics should like this movie a lot. I place it in a personal category of favorites that has consisted of The Rocketeer, The Shadow and The Phantom, three movies I love in spite of nitpicky critics. It's a cool flick. 'Dum Dum' and other Howling Commandos are in the mix and you gotta stay after the credits to get a glimpse or two of the new Avengers movie coming next year.

I gotta get up early to return to the Con, so this report is short. The Con itself is sort of weak this year, in spite of Spielberg's presence pitching Tintin. Of course, I didn't battle the crowd simply to get in and watch Spielberg on a screen hanging from the roof simply to be in the same ENORMOUS room with him. Been there, done that. Doubt I'll even sit through Kevin Smith this year. But a guy I was in film class with in junior college thirty years ago has a booth this year. He's a voice actor, Dino Andrade. We'll be getting together with a couple other classmates to catch up after the Con. Probably the MOST important thing was collecting contact data on four VERY lovely actresses interested in talking with my casting director for Secret of the Amazon Queen...More on that later.

Two more days left. If anything worthy happens, I'll share it here...

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