Friday, July 29, 2011

'Secret of the Amazon Queen' Update

I will be meeting with my storyboard artist within a few days to get started on the visual creation of the script. Yanis Zambeis is a young artist I have known for a few years and one of the most gracious human beings I've ever met. He's a good cook, too!

Yanis and I will have some storyboard imagery to post here for your enjoyment. I know I'm excited to be moving to this stage. I have also been talking with a photographer, who recently worked with some talent I manage, about a promotional shoot with one of the stars of the movie, so look for future news about when those images will be incorporated into SOTAQ marketing.

My casting director and I are still considering various actors for the lead roles of Julius Corbin, Califia and Claude Toussaint. I'm pretty clear on my vision for the queen, so there are very few on that list: My first choice, a more well known second choice, or an unknown whose got what it takes. I'll name her when I cast her. My first choice for Claude has always been Tim Curry, but we'll have to see about that. There have been some other very interesting names discussed for that role. The longer list has been who we've considered for Julius Corbin. He has an age range that's flexible. In the book, Julius is 39, but for the film he could be ten years older, or five years younger. However, I'm adamant that he be no younger than 35 (much to my casting director's LA/Hollywood frustration, LOL NYAH HA HA!!)

I will be kicking off the official promotional campaign at the SOTAQ website as well, and I'll post that link when it's ready...

For now, if you've never read the book, it's in the links to the right in a double volume including the second book, Tropic of Despair


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