Friday, July 1, 2011

Comic Con in 19 Days!

So, even though I have my criticisms of this event lately, we are going, as I said. This will likely be our last time as a group. For the remainder of this year and starting next year, the LCL entourage will represent at steampunk events, horror, science fiction and other movie and pop culture conventions where adventure is also to be found. However, I will attend Comic Con in the future on a limited basis as business dictates.

I like to give a little projection each year, in the event LCL readers and adventure fans would like to meet up. The first step is to send me an email to the address associated here. That way we can arrange to meet either in the convention center or at any of the restaurants and drinking establishments we frequent. The LCL gang always meets one night at Hooters downtown, near Horton Plaza and the Gaslamp. We also now do a dinner or two at The Tilted Kilt, down around the corner from the outfield of Petco Park. Last year, there was a Green Hornet party in the place adjacent to the TK, so it's near the Con. And we do a night of beer and live music and general rowdy behavior at Dick's Last Resort, usually Saturday. As always, friends of LCL are welcome to hang with us in the convention center. Walking around the exhibit hall is always a good time, and seeing previews in Hall H is a great break from being on our feet. Whatever your choice, we're available.

This year, we'll be staying at a friend's home just minutes from downtown. The trolley makes it easy to get around and avoid dealing with parking downtown, and it's cheaper than the fees in garages -- which actually are not that bad, if you must bring a car.

As far as my business while there, this year I am focusing on steampunk community awareness of the Wonder of the Worlds trilogy by Sesh Heri and the works of Richard Senate. Also, I'll be discussing the possibility of graphic rights with various publishers to market a comic series of these books and others. I will also record some video while there which I'll share here after we return.

More to follow...

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