Friday, May 22, 2009

Comic Con 2009

Yep, LCL will represent adventure lovers once again at this year's event!

Hopefully there will be plenty for us to appreciate. We'll naturally do a feature article in LCL Magazine in the late summer issue. Since the Con officials don't release a schedule until much closer to the event, there's no way of knowing specifically what adventure-related media will be featured, if any. However, LCL will be attending and ferreting out whatever there is of interest to fans of the genre.

Personally, I love the damned thing. Been going with my son since 2004 and it became our annual without-fail event together (along with an obligatory trip to Disneyland and several movies, among the usual dad/son stuff). It has also become more than just the event, too. Half the reason for going is the gang that goes along and seeing friends we generally only see at the Con every year. This year, our group includes myself, my son Austin, his best friend Cody and their high school buddy Kieran. Additionally, we'll have my nephew who's becoming a talented artist himself. We'll spend the whole day at the Con, but that's just half of it. In the evenings there is dinner at Hooters one night, then Dick's another. There are usually two or three movies opening that week that we'll see, and then laughing our asses off about something back in the room.

If anyone reading this is attending, speak up and maybe we can meet up. If you haven't been, I recommend attending at least once. I'm usually not so fond of mass humanity that I want to be anywhere near a crowd, but this event is one of my very few exceptions. The size of it is part of the experience. The location is great, near some really excellent restaurants and drinking establishments in the Gaslamp. Transpo is easy with the trolley service, assuming you're not lucky enough to get a room downtown. We had a downtown room in '06 and damn was that convenient.

Last year's Con resulted in some good contacts, especially two artists and two comics characters that have been featured in the magazine since. I'm hoping to make even more in order to punch things up. I want to make some big changes with LCL Mag starting ASAP and hopefully this summer's Comic Con will contribute to that.

Is anyone going this year?

I hope you've had a chance to see the new issue of LCL Magazine available at the new link!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LCL Magazine Spring 2009 Issue Now Available at NEW Web Page!

The new issue is finally available for FREE download, as usual -- and at the new web page!

Go HERE for your FREE LCL Magazine!

We had a glitch but now it's fixed and everything's working fine!

Monday, May 11, 2009

LCL Spring Issue Coming This Week!

That's right! I'm almost done with the issue and will be releasing it this week for your enjoyment.

Check out some of the artwork featured in this month's issue. The artist is Reed Chappell, our spotlight artist this issue.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Working on the Magazine!

The Apr/May issue will be released soon! I've been putting it together and I think you'll like it. This month, we continue FLIGHT OF THE HERCULES, offer a new western from BILL CRAIG, and a classic tale of the macabre by SOMERSET MAUGHAM. Also this issue, the HERCULES segment will feature illustrations by artist REED CHAPPELL! And of course, there will be the usual good stuff.

I'll announce when the issue is posted and available...