Monday, March 7, 2016

Update On LCL Publishing

Hey Lost Continent Library patrons!

Even though the decision was made to not go ahead with the magazine as such, that doesn't mean nothing more will happen with LCL publishing. Presently, I'm expanding the product line with a special imprint in order to present a new young author's exciting original fantasy series. It's a contemporary tale featuring classic lore familiar to vintage adventure fans. Look for the first of these books this summer!

And that's not all. There will be a new edition of my time travel novel I Will See You In Time as well as a new pulp (maybe two?) this year. Keep watching for updates and release news.

Thanks to everyone who sticks around or comes here for the first time! I appreciate the support and interest. These past few years I've focused on my nonfiction but with the three pulps I did in 2014 and the new editions and the upcoming new series, you can see I'm not giving up on LCL -- not by a long shot.

Keep stopping by for adventure cinema postings and other announcements!