Saturday, March 31, 2012

On The Set With Lost Amazon Motion Pictures

Check out the snapshots from the set of my movie, at this link:  "Hell's Bells", the current movie being produced by the LCL movie studio division...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sesh Heri's "Vent-O" Available Now!

The author of the "Wonder of the Worlds" trilogy presents his latest novel of fact-based fiction with this astounding tale of a genius whose fate is forever tied to the secret history of California. Amid classified secrets of John C Fremont and the legendary Gold Rush, his father's link to the remnants of ancient Atlantis and an ever-growing threat from hidden terrors below the surface, Fenton Farr -- also known as 'Vent-O'-- and his knowledge of the mysteries of sound through which he animates astounding automata, may be the only hope for the people of San Francisco and the world of 1906.
 Go to Vento-O And The Voice of RE

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The New SESH HERI Novel!

The latest work of fact-based fiction from Wonder of the Worlds trilogy author SESH HERI will be released next month! Here is the first promotional art released for this brand new story, Heri's first since the trilogy and the non-fiction Handprint of Atlas.

Sesh Heri takes obscure - yet startling - facts and weaves a tale so real that you'll feel the ground shake beneath your feet! Be sure to get your copy and learn the terrible truth about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake -- told only in the fantastic realism style of an author with boundless imagination. Hugo meets Hellboy in a tale you'll not be able to get out of your mind and heart!

Coming only to Amazon Kindle in April...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New! The Most Affordable Paranormal Conference In The World!

The Alternative Universe iConference is a monthly online event featuring five speakers sharing research data not heard in their interviews anywhere else nor in their books. You enjoy this conference from the comfort of home and for the amazingly affordable price of $10!

Walter Bosley spoke at the first one and will be appearing in the May session -- but tickets are available now for the upcoming April 21st event. The lineup for this session will be Kevin Smith, William Michael Mott, Don Ecker, Adam Gorightly and Nick Redfern

Cool Poster

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New W K Miley Book!

The Reader returns to face his most nefarious challenge yet -- and the life he saves this time may be his own. A casino magnate stakes his claim on a Florida coastal town but finds his path blocked by the will of a small church -- enter the one man who can make a difference. With pursuers on his heels, The Reader takes a harrowing step into unexpected territory.

The latest in a series published under the LCL modern noir imprint 'Nightcaps Books' will be released this week exclusively on Amazon Kindle!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Conference!

Hey all, as many of you know, I also write non-fiction in the bizarrely entertaining realm of the paranormal-tinged speculative history field. I was a speaker in the inaugural event of a new online conference series called the Alternative Universe iConference. The next event is April 21st and it only cost $10 for the whole thing!
Check it out!  Alternative Universe iConference

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Truly Good Movie

I just finished watching a film that will have a permanent place in my collection. Written and directed by Emilio Estevez, this film captures the heart and soul of what it means to travel, for me. The Way stars Martin Sheen as a reserved, close-to-vest American eye doctor whose wandering son, played by Estevez in very effective glimpses, dies on his first day on the pilgrim trail to Santiago de Compostela. The doctor receives word via a phone call while he's out on a golf course and is immediately off to retrieve his son's body from the Pyrenees region. It is while there that he decides to cremate the remains and is motivated (not inspired yet really) to complete the journey for his son, leaving ashes at key landmarks along the trail. As he goes along, the doctor takes up with other pilgrims: a big-hearted Dutchman hoping to lose weight yet unable to resist the culinary delights of the road, a jaded Canadian woman pretending that she's taking the pilgrimage to break her smoking habit, and finally a somewhat eccentric Irish travel writer seeking to end his writer's block. As you might imagine, the story takes you through the various personalities and their various ups and downs. There are touching moments, but not in excess. There is plenty of humor, but it's not a comedy. In the end, as you would certainly expect, everyone comes to terms with why they are on this pilgrimage and how the doctor's motivation becomes inspiration.

One might say The Way is typical, yet it doesn't feel so as you watch it. I found myself going with it, my only criticism with the writing is that perhaps the doctor's decision to finish the pilgrimage for his son comes a little too soon, as depicted. Yet, I quickly forgot about that and found myself enjoying the journey with the characters and certainly falling in love with the landscape. This film reminded me so much of why I wanted to travel the world to begin with, and of the many places I have seen so far since I started. In short, it rings true, to this traveler. While including some of the elements of world travel that have become cliche to the meme, Estevez manages to poke fun at these things, ultimately getting to the core of the traveler's spirit. You see, travel -- not tourism -- is always a personal thing. What you get out of it is not usually what others see as you're doing it or can really understand from photos or videos you share. This film tries to present that truth in an engaging set of characters and a story many can relate to. I think it succeeds.

So why am I reviewing this contemporary film here on a site dedicated to classic adventure? Because The Way is a classic adventure. The story and how it's told could easily be converted to black and white, the costuming and props switched back to 1940s counterparts, and you'd have a movie you might believably see on TCM. The actor, James Nesbitt, playing the Irish writer resembles Tyrone Power well enough to seem like he walked out of the original Razor's Edge at times. The spirit of adventure never changes, only the accessories and clothing do. If you're a fan of personal quest pictures, you might like this film a whole lot. It's a refreshing change from the comic book heroes and the explosions and the goddamned cartoons with celebrity voices and all the 3D. I wish films like this would have a fair shot in theaters again.

I recommend The Way to all true adventure fans looking for a film to just kick back and enjoy with an afternoon to be lazy.  It's the sort of film I know I'll be talking about and recommending to many people for years to come. Bravo, Emilio! And thanks to my friend Stan Shambaugh for telling me about it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quick Update

Going to see John Carter again tomorrow or Friday, will return with some brief comments...

I will also likely do a post on something else before that...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hey Movie Fans!

You'll notice the addition of the donate button at the right side of the page. I've added it to help raise more funds for the production of Hell's Bells, the movie currently in production with my company Lost Amazon Motion Pictures. Your donation gets your name in the credits of the film (and maybe possibly a surprise gift once the film is completed...).

Though productions such as Secret of the Amazon Queen are able to rely upon the resources of bigger producers and investors, smaller independent productions like Hell's Bells depend greatly upon what's available at hand. The advantage of that is greater creative control and a film that is produced as much for style and the love of cinematic arts as it is for box office earnings - something audiences don't usually get from big Hollywood fare.

What the donations help with are things like gasoline for getting to locations. Even though we use local places around town, sometimes the story is served by featuring some of the amazing desert or mountain landscapes just an hour away, or even the coastal beach areas a little over an hour away. Donations also help with costumes and makeup. We are frequent shoppers at thrift stores, but sometimes we just have to buy an item new, like a special period hat or costume jewelery. Same for props. Mostly these days, though, it's the price of gas that's a killer on the small indie budget.Many indie producers must rely on donations nowadays. It's a reality of the biz on this level.

So, if you're interested -- and able, of course (Times are hard and don't we all know that!)-- and so inclined, you have the option of playing an active role in independent cinema.



Hey all!

I finally got my computer situation squared away. It's been sooo long since I last posted before today, so I'll just bring everyone up to speed...

As You Know: Lost Amazon Motion Pictures' Secret of the Amazon Queen being produced by Barron Entertainment is likely on hold until 2013. Therefore, because I obtained a new camera, we are in production on a short feature in the meantime. The new film is titled Hell's Bells. It is a 30-minute adventure-horror filmed as a late 1920s silent film. Interestingly, this was decided way back in November, before any of us saw The Artist (a film we love!). Our model of inspiration for this project is the HPLHS production of Call of Cthulhu, also a 1920s style silent short feature film. We are essentially following their lead and producing the film for festival and cafe cinema screenings and the DVD market, but with the extra plus of cable TV, due to my relationship with the distributor already planning to take SOTAQ. Following this update, I will post images from the film which we started shooting in January...

On the publishing front, LCL authors have been very busy. Sesh Heri has completed a new novel! This is outside the Wonder of the Worlds trilogy, with new characters and a different storyline. I will be releasing the cover art very soon and the book will come out in April...Also, W.K.Miley, resident modern noir author for the LCL 'Nightcaps' imprint, has finished his latest, the third title in the Reader series. That will be out in April, as well...

I have also been very busy on an exciting new venture with a few author friends. On March 3rd, we hosted the first monthly Alternative Universe iConference! It was a smashing success and the second one, scheduled for April 21st, is already heating up the box office. If you're tired of the same old same old in the UFO, paranormal and conspiracy media, then you'll love our conference! This conference you attend at home, watching via our website, and it's only $10. Check it out at this link:  Alternative Universe iConference ...

I saw John Carter last weekend and must say that I approve! Is it perfect Burroughs? Of course not, but it's good enough. More than good enough! I will likely be posting a review soon, after I get a chance to see it again this week...

So, I am definitely back! Now enjoy some images from my new film in production:

More to follow...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm Back!

I will be posting something later tonight...!