Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Return

Hey all,

I know it seems I've been neglecting the ole 'library' for a few years, but I've been busy with completing several non-fiction volumes relative to a seven year investigation I have conducted into esoteric history and mayhem in California. The good news here is that I am presently wrapping up the works spawned by that research and am energized to return to fiction!

I have said before that I will bring back LCL Magazine -- and I meant it. I have just been waiting for the right time and it's looking like 2015 is when the stars will be right. Why so long? Because I need to finish the two remaining non-fiction works already started -- and I want to have a new novel completed with another close to completion when I bring the magazine back. That realistically means Spring 2015 for the return of LCL Magazine. And I do mean the magazine, not this blog. It will follow the formula of the original and it will be a downloadable publication -- for VERY CHEAP!

What will my new fiction be? There are three novels you can look for from me in the coming year and a half. I have been toying with an idea inspired by one of my films. Originally it was intended to be a screenplay expansion of the story which I would shoot under my No Budget Cinema banner, but that is not realistic. Right now I am only able to produce films out of pocket or by crowd-funding. That just isn't working right now, so I've decided to adapt the expanded story into a novel. It will be a fun blend of adventure and horror, a contemporary storyline woven through with a thread of period flashback. The second novel will indeed be that long-announced third Julius Corbin novel. I started the third Corbin book while in Saudi Arabia in 2005, but just never got around to finishing it. It might be that one -- or it could just be a different Corbin adventure -- but whatever it is, there will be a new Corbin adventure for 2015. The third of the new works for 2015 is a big novel I started in 1982 and am now ready to return to. It's a space adventure which I think is reflective of our times. I am finally energized to get  back into fiction and look forward to devoting some energy to the LCL brand again -- after establishing the label twelve years ago.

I have to admit, it's pretty exciting posting this today because other things diverted me to a different stream for so long. I still love what LCL represents and I am still dedicated to my vision for it. Most of all, I appreciate the devotion of the fans who have kept the faith and repeatedly asked me to start up the magazine again. I know I've teased with the magazine in the recent past few years but it just never could materialize for practical reasons. Now I'm ready!

The new LCL Magazine will be a special 'return' edition and I'm hoping there will be interest for regular issues. I'd like to release an issue every other month -- AND offer a print-on-demand annual edition for a low nominal price to those interested readers. The first step will be the new issue that you can look for around Spring 2015. By then, I'll also have one new novel released with another to be released shortly after, and the big one for the Christmas 2015 season (projected).

I hope you're as enthused about my return to fiction as I am and even more so about the return of LCL!