SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd, 2013 - 11AM - 11PM

Lost Amazon Motion Pictures Presents 
The Redlands Fox Theater's 
"Thrilling Chilling Pulp Adventure & Fantasy Indie Film Expo"


The theater was sold and an arrangement is being worked out with the new owner.

Finally a film festival for adventure and fantasy fans!

Did you grow up with Ray Harryhausen 'Dynamation'? Are you a lifelong fan of Gunga Din and The Man Who Would Be King? Do you wish Harrison Ford had squeezed in a couple of Indiana Jones movies during the 1990s? Are you a young fan who's just discovered The Shadow, The Phantom, or Son of Kong? Are you a steampunker a little worn out with the massive crowds at a comic book event that barely represents your passion and its heritage?

Then you will not want to miss this festival!

Join us for a one-day event on Saturday, 2 November 2013, at the Fox Event Center in Redlands California. This is a competitive festival of microbudget independent films in the genres of pulp adventure and fantasy and retro-influenced horror. We will also be screening a studio classic to be announced soon, along with other entertaining delights. The theme of this event is just as the name implies: Classic & Pulp Era style!

Attendees will get twelve hours of entertainment for only $10! The schedule runs 11am to 11pm and will include screenings of the films chosen as finalists in three categories: Short, Short Feature and Feature. A panel of three celebrity judges will choose the winners in all three categories and the audience will select the winner of the Audience Choice Award. There will be screenings of non-competitive material, as well as live talent. Arts, crafts, collectibles and other related objects of desire for any pulp, fantasy and horror fan will be available in the exhibit souq, the vendor list posted below. Also The Fox Theater's chef and staff will be on hand preparing tasty and affordable kabob dinners (meat and vegetarian available!) and sandwiches, and adult beverages and soft drinks will be available with concessions, such as candy and popcorn.

The Thrilling Chilling Pulp Adventure & Fantasy Indie Film Expo is a celebration of new and independent cinematic talent. If you're not thrilled with what the big cineplexes offer, and especially if you enjoy independent cinema, you're in for a treat. Re-live your childhood, or ignite your second one. Bring your significant other or bring your mom or granddad. Satisfy your nerdy urge! Come to support the future of cinema.You will see up and coming filmmakers try their hand at fresh visions of classic genres. Join us for this one day event presented in one of the oldest movie theaters in the country.

The Fox Theater is located in an historic section of Redlands, California. It opened its doors first in 1928 with a Laurel & Hardy film and continued through the decades to host Hollywood classics. The Fox hosted Lost Amazon's Hell's Bells silent film premier event in November 2012. The Fox is the perfect location for this festival, just a few doors away from both a 1920s themed barber shop and a European style pastry and sandwich cafe.

Cosplay is encouraged!

Fan and filmmakers, don't miss this exciting festival! Redlands is located near the picturesque San Bernardino Mountains, just an hour from Los Angeles and two hours from San Diego. Whether you're en route to Las Vegas or Palm Springs, schedule this film festival into your travel plans.

We will have live entertainers! (Listed as they sign on)
-- Belly dancers Veronika Marshman & company

Vendors Participating In The Souq: (Updated as they are added)

Fantasy Artist Ian Kirkpatrick

Adventures Unlimited Press/WEX Club

Film submissions are open now!

Stay Tuned!

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