Thursday, August 4, 2011

Conan Returns To The Big Screen!

OK, I am looking forward to this, I must admit.

It was sort of logical that Arnold did the character back in the 80s. That Conan was not entirely bad either. Honestly, I liked it when it came out and can still watch it today. However, this new version looks like the next level in doing REH some justice. Much like the Solomon Kane movie, I get the feeling the producers and director have a respect for the material. At least, the trailer leaves me with that impression...

What I like already: The texture of REH's world of Conan; Rose McGowan's freaky 'Red Sonja'-esque character; and that they cast someone not well known for Conan, as Arnold was already by the time he played the character. What I like most about this new guy is it appears he brings the lethal presence the character in the book possesses that Arnold didn't quite always deliver. Like Bond, Conan must make you believe he'd kill you in an instant if you pissed him off. Roger Moore's years turned Bond into anything but a cold-hearted assassin, that's why it was refreshing when they began return that character to his lethal roots, finally getting it right again with Daniel Craig. Thus it should be with Conan: the man should be a bad-ass, not necessarily politic or child-friendly.

The world of REH is not really for kids (though I advocate that EVERY boy should be introduced to his writings at a young age...), therefore Conan needs that lethal dark edge. By the trailer, this version seems to bring it -- however, the few times Conan speaks, there is a hint that something may be lacking. I will wait to pass judgement until after I see it. Basically, I can't wait to see it...

Enjoy the trailer: CONAN

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