Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Adventure Art Collection

I spent the years 2000 - 2005 traveling around the world, spending a month or more at a time in the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, South America, Eastern and Western Europe and one trip to the Philippines. During this period, I began to collect oil paintings and other works of art and handicraft.

Most of the oil paintings in my collection were obtained in Jordan and Iraq, though I did pick some up in Khartoum. The artists in Jordan had attended an art school in Iraq and are able to replicate any style or piece. I didn't press them to reveal whatever trick or method they use, but I assume they have one. Generally, I would buy paintings already completed from dealer artists in Sweifiyeh, a shopping neighborhood in Amman, Jordan and its vicinity. I did commission one painting, a replica of a Rolf Armstrong piece which I will photograph clearly and post sometime. The artist did a great job and I could barely tell a difference -- and I mean barely.

This is one of my favorite pieces. It hangs in my office area, within view of my desk when I write.

I really enjoyed buying the paintings in my collection. Naturally, they were quite less expensive than oil paintings are priced in the US and I could sell them for a lot more than I paid. However, my collection reminds me of my first world travels so I'm not really inclined to part with them. As I get them properly photographed, I will post more articles about them, why I bought each one, and what they mean to me.

More to follow...

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