Thursday, June 16, 2011

New LCL Website Coming Soon

I figured after a few years, it's time to have an actual website.

I have a Lulu shop page, and Yahoo Groups pages, plus an LCL Facebook page. But it's been a few years since '' -- which I lost because I obtained it in the 'Olden Days' of and they wouldn't let me take it for less than $300. It now belongs to a guy in Korea. He can kiss my ass if he thinks I'm paying him a dime to get it back. Most likely it will be at my web hosting space on Yahoo, presently occupied by I will let you all know when the revamp happens and it's up as a full-fledged LCL website, where you can see pages dedicated to the authors and their works, an online form of my old and once popular magazine and purchase ephemera such as tee shirts, mugs and the like. I'm actually quite energized to get this going again!

Right now the cafe is closing, so it's off to B&N then home where I plan to make another posting tonight... See you in a little while...

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WB said...

And I will keep this blogspot going, too!