Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Comic Con 2011

Once again, LCL will be represented at the San Diego International Comic Con, starting in just a little over a month from now. This will be the seventh year I have attended with my entourage, and the fourth year attending as a professional in the publishing industry and media.
In 2004, Hollywood had already invaded, but since then its imprint has grown a bit exponentially. This has generally been received with mixed review for the comics enthusiasts see an encroachment on their event that was never intended. However, the explosive interest Hollywood has given to comic book characters has indeed been a boon to the comics industry. Still it remains a double-edged sword for many. As far as the Comic Con is concerned, the down side is the crowding. Also, why are television shows like The Office represented at a convention primarily founded upon a comic book theme with a heavy support from fantasy and horror and adventure media? Another legitimate gripe is the heavier presence of the gaming industry each year. Many argue they should have their own con, as many argue that Hollywood should simply establish a new movie or 'media' con. The worst example of the Hollywood impact on the San Diego Comic Con resulted from last year's Twilight event which resulted in thousands of die-hard comic and fantasy fan attendees not able to obtain tickets because thousands of teen girls had scooped them up early for a one hour event on one day of the Con. A Hollywood event promoting a non-comic movie sequel preventing thousands who would have attended all four days (or at least two) pissed off a lot of people. Add to that this year's new draconian ticket policies for professional attendees and you have even more dissatisfaction with an event other cities are already aggressively seeking to take away from San Diego.

I hope San Diego makes the necessary changes to improve the situation and keep the Comic Con. Anaheim wants it badly and many of us think the Hollywood influence will seduce the Con administrators to move it closer to L.A., which would suck. Like myself, I know many attendees who would not go to the event if it moved to Anaheim. It just wouldn't be the same and it would be even more Hollywood, being closer to the studios and their personnel. Who knows? Many of us publishers and writers might get bumped so that more badges could be given to movie industry folks. Regardless of this bit of aggravation, I know we will have a good time. I will attend with a smaller entourage this year, but that's better than not going.
I must caveat that with the possibility that this could be the last year we go in a capacity other than directly promoting a media project, a la Secret of the Amazon Queen next year.
As we draw nearer to the Con, I'll be making more comments here. I like to put the word out that any LCL readers and fans are welcome to join us downtown in the evenings. Last year we met up with a couple of LCL readers, and the year before with an LCL friend from Germany. We can be found at Tilted Kilt or Hooters or some Con night event.
More to follow...

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