Monday, June 20, 2011

Great Deal On Classic Lore!

I have, in limited quantity, new copies of Lost Continents & The Hollow Earth by David Hatcher Childress and Richard Shaver -- for the best price anywhere that I have found!

For any adventure fan or author interested in the topic, this book is a must-read AND a must-have for your collection. Childress provides a thorough overview of the lore of lost civilizations and presents whatever evidence may exist for the existence of hidden ancient tunnels and subterranean cities. Also included is the legendary tale of Admiral Byrd and his alleged encounters with flying machines of the Antarctic and journey to a 'land beyond the Pole'. If underground worlds of South America and Tibet are your guilty pleasure, or especially if you're an author of pulp adventure, you will want this book in your collection.

The special treat of this 6x9 illustrated paperback is the inclusion of the original 1948 edition of Richard Shaver's I Remember Lemuria and The Return of the Sathanas published by Ray Palmer in Amazing Stories. Many have heard allusions or read references to these works, but this volume includes them in their entirety -- including several original illustrations!

Writers and enthusiasts, don't pass up this offer! Only $5 at the link on this page (upper right) plus $4.95 shipping (and I have to charge tax for California residents), is better than the price you'll find at Amazon for a new copy of this book. Get yours now! (No returns, no refunds, not responsible for shipping damage)

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Walter Bosley said...

Good response already! I have only a limited number and this is the best price for any new copies of this book. They are already leaving the shelf, so get yours now!