Monday, June 13, 2011

LCL Is BACK! With New Low Prices!

Hey all!

I've been away doing other projects but I am back!

LCL Publishing has gone ALL DIGITAL! What does that mean? Well, all new and prior releases are primarily available at in Kindle format, with bestselling titles becoming available in print-on-demand. If you do not have a Kindle Reader device, no worries -- you do NOT have to buy one. Amazon lets you download the Kindle Reader program for FREE so that you can enjoy Kindle books on your own PC, iPad, laptop or whatever device is your preference. FREE! That means you can read Kindle books without spending money for yet another device.

So, out of respect to the reader in these tough times, LCL is continuing to march on into the future by REDUCING PRICES of our titles -- in ALL our imprints -- to stay in line with the market place. Check out the NEW LOW PRICES available NOW:

WONDER OF THE WORLDS by Sesh Heri -- 99 cents!
METAMORPHOSIS by Sesh Heri -- $4.99
THE LOST PLEIAD by Sesh Heri -- $3.99
by Richard Senate -- 99 cents!
by E.A. Guest & F Marion Crawford -- 99 cents!

Also the NEW novel from Walter Bosley
(LCL's top selling title this spring)

Look for MORE exciting new titles to come!

I can't tell you how excited I am with this new approach. Our books have taken off at Amazon Kindle, selling better than ever before. if there's any of the above titles you haven't read yet, please check it out at Amazon.

Look for more regular posts here as there is much excitement happening at LCL. The feature film of E.A.Guest's SECRET OF THE AMAZON QUEEN is being produced by Barron Entertainment and will go into production later this year!

More to follow...


Rich Hansen said...

Hi Walter,

Just finished your Empire Trilogy! Lived in SF 1980-1990.Without knowing why was drawn to many of the locales mentioned-wish had read ahead of time! Had met DHC/Dr.Farrell several times in Kempton.You mentioned a Sonora protruding metal stem which when tapped created some sort of enhanced lift.

Vibration such as the buzz of bee wings may energize a hexagonal biostructure?

The WWII RAF Lancaster had a complex wraparound HEX fuselage, which gave it tremendous strength-now for some reason cannot get info on this anymore.

Wonder if this contributed to extraordinary lift compared to American planes?

Re: Satan just a minor god as disinfo/distraction drawing attention away from


Had ordered print copies of your books from LULU-now cannot get the Seah Heri Lost Pliead and Metam... in print.

Had a print Wonder but gave it away years ago.

Rich Hansen
66 Clisby Ave.
Dedham, Mass.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walt,

Enjoying your well researched books! Almost finished print on demand Secret

Missions. Need to complete my Sesh Heri bound collection, but these titles out of print.

By the way, the "Nameless Ones" infiltrated, hijacked the late Roman Empire.

PKD mantra- "Rome Never Fell"

Good movie alluding to this "Zardoz"

Rich Hansen

66 Clisby Avenue




Anonymous said...


Looking forward to reading second edition "The Handprint of Atlas".

You reference telluric currents in your Empire books.

A connection? "The Great Walls of California"

Anonymous said...

Templar connection?

Anonymous said...

San Bernardino Caves of Gold?

Anonymous said...

Antioch Gates of Hell?

Rich Hansen said...

Time Slip? Antioch, California?

Rich Hansen

Dedham, Mass.

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,

Gave my "Origins" book to a friend months ago.

Below in it?

Was reading excerpts from Theo Paijmans "The Tennessee Aeronaut Flap of 1907" in "Humanoid Encounters 1900-1929" pages 60-63 by Albert Rosales.

Sightings of German speaking Aeronauts doing pilgrimage prayer rituals at SPRINGS....... in Tennessee! (old Cherokee country)

Shades of Victor Shauberger!