Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Atlantean Series

You can now get three of the first four titles published by LCL -- in printed editions-- as part of our Atlantean Series.

The Sunken World by Stanton Coblentz is the book that launched LCL in 2002. It is the tale of a submarine crew lost to the depths during a battle and how they discover the sunken civilization of Atlanteans living in an undersea city. Originally written as a serial in 1927, this is a reprint of a 1948 single volume edition with a few illustrations. The LCL 6x9 paperback edition comes with a new cover designed by Bob Aul.

Atlantis Adventure by Antoine Gagne (2004) is the story of Talos and Malia who survive the fall of Troy by fleeing together across the sea, through the straits of Gibraltar where they reach Atlantis. This romantic adventure tells the story of the final days of the great civilization and its destruction. LCL presents this in a 6x9 paperback with a Bob Aul cover.

The third book in this package set is The Hidden Trail by Thomas Janvier, a reprint of the 1890 original, with illustrations, tells the story of a small expedition seeking a lost city of Aztecs in Latin America. This is the first of a two-part presentation published by LCL in 2005, the second soon to be released in digital and POD. 6x9 paperback, cover by Bob Aul.

We are offering these three books in a triple set of new LCL printed first editions. This is a cover value of $34 offered here for the great low price of only $16 for all three, plus $4.95 shipping (and plus tax for CA residents)(no refund, no return, not responsible for shipping damage). This is a great offer you can't find anywhere else for these printed unused books. If you're a classic adventure fan, you'll want this set on your shelf! You'll find the PayPal button on the upper right of the blog page...

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