Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Pulp Double Volume

LCL has just released a double volume of E.A.Guest's racy brand of pulp adventure on Amazon Kindle!

Together in one volume are the first two Julius Corbin adventures offering adventure for mature readers. The first book introduces the saga with a new take on Haggard's She, this one set in South America. Secret of the Amazon Queen is currently in motion picture pre-production development with Barron Entertainment.

Tropic of Despair is the second book in the series and a more world traveling adventure as a young Scotsman looking for his lost father teams up with an explorer seeking the Hollow Earth and a possessed man who they find on a haunted ship. In Mexico, they join Julius Corbin who guides them all through a dark underworld and on to Patagonian terrors. Looking to return home a worldly hero to win the hand of a young lass, the Scotsman is pursued by a lusty girl and the sorcerer who controls her for his own diabolical aims. Will he survive frightful ghosts, bloodthirsty giants and sinister demons to find his destiny?

You get both books in one volume for only $1.99!

The graphic above is the full cover and spine on the print-on-demand edition available at The Kindle edition features the 'Secret of the Amazon Queen' cover graphic.

If you haven't read this classic of New Pulp, this is where the adventure begins! See the link in the links column to the right of the page...

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