Saturday, June 18, 2011

LCL In Its Ninth Year!

It was September 2002 and I was in Khartoum, Sudan, when I got the idea to establish Lost Continent Library. The original concept was a printed magazine, but before I got home from the thirty day trip I had decided to make it a publishing company.

Just today I was going through some old backup CDs and found these graphics.

The original logo banner created by Bob Aul, essentially borrowing the Spicy Adventure Stories font at my request.

The very first print ad that appeared several times in World Explorer Magazine, once in Rockabilly, and several other places for a few years.

One of the test galleys for the cover of Tropic of Despair, using green titling instead of the ultimate purple.

I enjoy going through old files now. It's been long enough to start recycling some of the better images and especially bring out the unused ones. In the nine years LCL has been in business, the company has experienced highs and lows and a transition from traditional print publishing to all digital and POD. Thematically, LCL has gone from strictly classic adventure to embracing a steampunk touch and expanding with additional imprints for true science fiction, noir caper thrillers, and non-fiction. Probably the most exciting is that an LCL book is in motion picture development nearing pre-production. Enthusiasm around here has been stoked by the response to the change and I look forward to bringing more titles and writers to print and keeping classic adventure alive. It all makes me itchy to do another magazine!

Anyone interested in another LCL Magazine...?

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